Sweat Sweetie (2019), ongoing series

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SweatSweetie began as a performance in April 2019 where I punched a punching bag and read words my sister wrote. I was out of breath. I was tired. I was told I shouldn’t have shared the story I did because it put the perpetrator at risk. SweatSweetie has grown since then and is now a performance identity that lives and breathes online as a space to navigate the performativity of online spaces and the irl self.


SweatSweetie tries something new that’s meaty— NO its a wind tunnel in your mouth in this video !

Terms of Use

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Terms of Use runs October 7-17 in Chalmers Hall gallery on the University of Kansas campus. SweatSweetie’s churning out a new Instagram algorithm in the gallery on Mondays and Wednesdays during the run of the show. For a recap of the show check out my recent update.